My translation of this book from the original languages is provided below. Everything inside brackets is commentary that is meant to assist the reader in understanding certain doctrines and concepts germaine to the context.


Jude 1:1 Jude, a bondslave of Jesus Christ, and brother of Jacob [James, the half-brother of Jesus], to those [believers] who were loved in the past [eternity past] with results that continue to this day [predestined in love] by God the Father and who were guarded in the past and are continuing to be watched over to this day [eternal security] by Jesus Christ due to the divine calling [election in time]:


Jude 1:2 Mercy to you and peace and virtue love be multiplied [due to the doctrine in your soul].


Jude 1:3 Beloved [members of the royal family], while I was proceeding with all diligence to write to you concerning our common salvation, I came under pressure [by the Holy Spirit] to write [about a different topic], exhorting you to keep on fighting [contending for the faith] and more than once [during the process of exhorting them to contend for the faith] to transmit doctrine to the saints.


Jude 1:4 For certain men [itinerant preachers] have infiltrated with stealth and secrecy, who were previously written about long ago [in ancient times] with reference to their condemnation, impious ones [reversionists] who perverted the grace of our God into immoral degeneracy [orgies & human sacrifice] and disregarded [by their behavior] the only absolute Master, even our Lord Jesus Christ.


Jude 1:5 Now I have determined to remind you, although you once knew these things [perhaps they never became epignosis doctrine in the soul], that the Lord, having delivered the people out of the land of Egypt, then destroyed [dying discipline in the wilderness followed years of intensive discipline in Egypt] those [Jews] who did not have confidence [in God].


Jude 1:6 And the [fallen] angels [sons of God in Genesis 6] who did not keep their original state [segregated from mankind], but deserted their own dwelling place [relationship with angels only], He [God the Father] placed under guard and they remain under guard to this day [totally immobilized] in everlasting bondage [imprisonment] under the authority of darkness with reference to [waiting for] the great day [Great White Throne judgment],


Jude 1:7 Just as Sodom and Gomorrha and the cities about them [the pentapolis in the circular plain of Jordan], in a similar manner [as the fallen angels], indulged in gross immorality outside of their created design [homosexuality], even pursuing with complete abandon strange flesh outside of their species [bestiality], were exposed historically as an illustration [example], suffering the justice of eternal [without end] fire.


Jude 1:8 Likewise, in a similar manner, these dreamers [deluded, reversionistic teachers], on the one hand, actually defile [like excrement from a chamber pot] their flesh [starting with the body and spreading to the soul], and on the other hand, they reject the authority of and malign the Majesties [illustrious Persons of the Trinity].


Jude 1:9 Yet Michael the archangel, when disputing with the evil one [Satan], disagreed vehemently concerning the body of Moses [over who gets it]. He did not dare to bring judgment by maligning, but [leaving judgment in God’s hands] said: May the Lord rebuke and punish you [based on His omnipotence and divine standards].


Jude 1:10 But, on the one hand, these [reversionstic teachers] continually malign things they do not understand [like Bible doctrine and fellowship with God], but on the other hand, things that they understand by instinct as illogical creatures [degeneracy], by means of these things [functioning inside the cosmic system], they receive corruption and depravity.


Jude 1:11 Woe to them [the apostates], because they have gone after the way of life of Cain [jealousy and approbation lust] and have abandoned themselves to the error of Balaam for money [materialism lust] and perished during the rebellion [rejection of authority] of Korah.


Jude 1:12 These same individuals [reversionistic teachers] are hidden rocks under the ocean [hypocrites] in the sphere of your spiritual affections [those dear to you that you thought were making spiritual progress but who are really tring to shipwreck you], feasting with you [social life] impudently [disguising their true feelings about you], shepherding themselves [not under the authority of a trained pastor-teacher but following the “plurality of elders” heresy], waterless clouds [a thin veneer of doctrine but nothing of real substance] carried away by winds [false doctrine], autumn trees [connected to Christ the Root] without fruit [no spiritual production], having died twice [1st death: no divine good; 2nd death: sin unto death] after being uprooted [maximum divine discipline],


Jude 1:13 Savage waves [fragmented and violently opposed to authority] of the sea [emotional instability], splashing up like foam their own shames [from mental attitude sins to all sorts of degenerate behavior], wandering comets [their purpose in life destroyed], for which the blackness [blackout of the soul] of the darkness [self-induced misery and severe divine discipline] has been reserved for an age [for the remainder of their life until they die the sin unto death].


Jude 1:14 And Enoch also, the seventh [generation] from Adam, prophesied abojut these [apostates during the Tribulation], saying: Behold, the Lord is coming with myriads of His saints,


Jude 1:15 To execute judgment [baptism of fire] against all [Tribulation unbelievers] and expose all souls [Tribulation believers] concerning all their impious production [human good] which they have impiously committed and concerning all the harsh things which these impious sinners have spoken against Him [verbal sins].


Jude 1:16 These [reverionistic teachers] are grumblers [malecontents], faultfinders [highly critical, dissatisfied], conducting themselves according to the standards of their own lusts [patterns of sin], and their speech communicates an arrogance which flatters [appeals to the pride] others face-to-face for the sake of gain [money, power].


Jude 1:17 Now you, beloved [members of the royal family], remember the doctrines which were previously taught by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ,


Jude 1:18 How they told you that during the end time [prior to the rapture] there will be mockers [unbelievers rejecting authority] who will conduct themselves according to the standards of their own impious lusts [area of weakness in their old sin nature].


Jude 1:19 These [apostates] are those who cause divisions [trouble-makers], soulish [dichotomous, not tricotomous], not having a human spirit [body and soul only].


Jude 1:20 But you, beloved [members of the royal family], keep building upon yourselves [daily function of the grace apparatus for perception which builds an edification complex of the soul] by means of your divine body of doctrine, praying regularly by means of the Holy Spirit.


Jude 1:21 Keep yourselves in the love complex of God, waiting with anticipation for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ resulting in eternal life.


Jude 1:22 Moreover, on the one hand, with reference to some [negative reversionistic believers], keep on reproving when they take issue with [dispute against] you;


Jude 1:23 On the other hand, with reference to others [positive reversionistic believers], deliver them by snatching them out of the fire [giving them accurate Bible doctrine]; on the other hand, with reference to others [negative reversionistic believers], keep on showing mercy with fear [occupation with Christ], even hating his under-garments [function in the cosmic system] which are defiled with human excrement [contaminated by sin] through the source of the flesh.


Jude 1:24 Now, to the One Who has the ultimate power to prevent you from stumbling [eternal security] and to establish you unblemished in the presence of His glory in the sphere of great happiness [supergrace status],


Jude 1:25 To the only God [the Father] our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord: glory, majesty, ruling power, and absolute authority from all the ages [past dispensations], including now [the Church Age dispensation], and for all ages [future dispensations]. Acknowledge it.




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